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Welcome to Varmebaronen. We deliver Swedens finest domestic heating systems that is heating numerous swedish homes all the year around. We are the Swedish market leaders in domestic solar, electric, pellet and wood heating. Värmebaronens main area of expertize is in domestic pellet heating, we sell only pellet heaters of highest quality and of highest efficiency. Our wide product range includes pellet burner and pellet heating, easy to clean firewood boilers used together with an accumulator tank. We offer electric boilers. If you need to change your oil burner, take a closer look at Viking Pro, renowned for its reliability and good economy. If you are looking for electric heating, we have a wide array of electric boilers. We also have a wide range of electric cartridges and electric elements. We are market leaders in this area.
Domestic heating with Pellet burner and boiler

Tuning the Mitsubishi Pajero and L200 is one of STT Emtecs many areas of expertise. Tuning is a big part of our business and these vehicles can experience a large perfomance boost while lowering emissions through catalytic reduction optimization. For the naval industry we have our SCR Urea Diesel engine - the AdBlue. AdBlue is used in marine environments, and we have reduced the emission of nOX from this system significantly. We follow the emission requirements of Euro V and Euro VI standards. We have named our goal and products CleanTech - and we aim to reduce the emissions from diesel engine to the bare minimum while keeping up performance.
Emission system & technology

With a Key Management System från Creone you can keep track of all your Company's keys. Easy and simple! Our software keeps track of the person who took the keys from the cabinet and you can easily give access for your staff. We have solutions for all kinds of Key Management. Read more about our cabinets and our software on or webpage and cantact us for more information!
Key Management System from Creone

Storage of valuables - Valuebox